The GroundSwell Project
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Kicked the bucket. Croaking it.
Pushing-up daisies.
Passed over, on, away.
The D-word.

We have no shortage of names for it, but when faced with death we are often lost for words. 
Our superstitions, fears about dying and the discomfort we feel, affect our approach and experiences of the end of life. We reckon it's time for an upgrade on how we go about our dying matters. 

Beyond Taboos?

Australians’ capacity to care for each other through death, dying and loss

It’s time to lift the lid and go deeper.

We wanted to move beyond the known problems with dying and understand more about the experiences of dying, caring and grief in the Australian community.

We wondered about what people learned from their experiences and what they did with that learning. The more we know about the experiences of everyday people, the greater progress we can make toward transforming the experience of caring, death and grief in Australia.


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