Ward without Walls

A community well-being approach to dying in South-West Sydney.


“The sisters did not make it out to dinner, their vigil was coming to an end and the room was full of loved ones around the bed of Joan... Others were waiting for news on surgery. The warm look of recognition each face held told me they all get it, there was no doubt as to why we’d want to gather in this way. “Next time”, they said, “if we are still here.”

 Niki Read Community Cultural Development worker on the community dinner, a regular event, part of the Ward without Walls initiative

We are working with the acute in-hospital palliative care service at Liverpool Hospital to learn what it takes for a reorientation of clinical and service delivery work, to taking up engagement with visitors and local community groups, reducing barriers that sit between palliative service, the dying person and their family through a wellbeing model.

This unique project is funded through the Steve Lawrence Social Innovation Fund and the Vasudhara Foundation.

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