South Australia Dying To Know Day round-up by Abby Davis

Dying To Know Day provides a non-threatening framework to engage with the broader community around the topic of death, dying and bereavement. It gives me the chance to locally facilitate creative initiatives I have heard about from interstate and overseas. Over the last 18 months I have facilitated 3 Death Cafes, 3 Before I Die Walls in various modes, pitched for a Community Grant and been a Guest Speaker. I do this because I am a participant as much as a facilitator. It is helping me with my grief process as well as starting discussions around death with others. The paradox I have experienced is that by engaging with death I have never felt so alive!

Most people’s number 1 fear is public speaking. Number 2 is death. My passion combines the unthinkable: I speak about death. I speak life into death.

In my home state of South Australia we have events happening in all directions. 

Here's an overview: 

Funeral/Anniversary Cake Contest

Palliative Care SA are running an online contest where people submit photo of a cake they have baked and decorated that could be taken along to a funeral tea.

Graveyards of Onkaparinga Project

Healthy Cities Onkaparinga and Fleurieu Cancer Network have launched a project where people are encouraged to submit one or more digital photographs featuring a subject from any of the cemeteries within the City of Onkaparinga, SA. Entries will be uploaded onto their Facebook page entitled “PASSED-PRESENT-FUTURE Graveyards of Onkaparinga”. In 2016 photos will be selected to produce an historical and cultural pictorial record of graveyards in the City of Onkaparinga.

Before I Die Trailer

A community grant was used to subsidise the construction of the Before I Die Trailer. The trailer is being launched as part of D2KD 2015 activities. It will appear in local community events run by Gawler Council throughout the year and is available for organisations to use. The Before I Die trailer provides an interactive public pop-up art activity that encourages people to reflect on their death in an empowering way. Before I Die I want to ….

CareSearch resources

CareSearch provide D2KD event organisers with free resources to give out at their D2KD events. These take-home materials encourage people to start conversations around dying and palliative care with the people they loved. It continues the discussions started at the D2KD events. 

Click HERE to see the events in detail.


  • The Mandala Project: - Growth & Capacity for Love | Gallery C at the Women's and Children's Hospital North Adelaide | throughout August
  • A morning tea to raise awareness | Shepparton | Aug 6th
  • The Before I Die ... trailer will be located in various public spaces all day
  • The Mandala Project: - Growth & Capacity for Love | North Adelaide
  • “PASSED-PRESENT-FUTURE – The Graveyards of Onkaparinga


Abby Davis is a member of the D2Kday leadership group in South Australia. 

My 22 year old son, Robbie, was tragically killed in a car accident 3 years ago. Public speaking has become my empowering grief management tool. My focus is to explore and share my transformational journey as I continue to make sense of Robbie's sudden death.

The bigger picture is researching death in Australia via my PhD. Why? Because we do death so very badly. I want to find out why that is and how we can change it so that death is not so scary and confronting for us.

Join me on my journey via my blog at Off The Cuff: speaking life into death.

Dying To Know Day is August 8th.


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