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Thanks for Erin McAllister, Communications Manager from CareSearch for writing up this great blog. Please contact Erin for more information and to get additional resources for your events. Details are links are in the blog.

Dying to Know Day provides a fantastic opportunity for us all to spend some time discussing death and dying with our loved ones and the people in our community. Sometimes these concepts can be a bit foreign; after all, even though there are over 60,000 expected deaths each year, 60% of Australians think we don’t talk about death enough! The CareSearch website aims to help make discussions about death a little bit easier by providing free, easy-to-understand resources to help guide you and your loved ones through the dying process.

CareSearch is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health to help health professionals and the general public find trustworthy evidence-based information about death, dying, and palliative care. Palliative care is the care that is provided to someone who is dying. It will affect all of us at some stage in our lives, whether as a patient, carer, family member, neighbour, or friend. Palliative care aims to help people live with a high quality of life, right to the very end. All of the information on CareSearch is written by health professionals, and you can rest assured that anything you read on the website is trustworthy.

For Dying to Know Day 2014, CareSearch provided event organisers with resources to give out at their D2KD sessions. In the end, over 1100 brochure packs were distributed, posters went up all over Australia, and D2KD participants had a chance to take home some materials that could help them to start conversations around dying and palliative care with the people they loved. It was a great success, and we want to make 2015 even better!

This year, we’re hoping to connect even more Aussies with our free information. If you’re hosting or attending a Dying to Know Day event, or if you’re interested in learning more and sharing information with your family and friends, you can request CareSearch resources to be sent to you free of charge. Brochure topics include:

  • About palliative care
  • Living with illness
  • How to care
  • At the end
  • Bereavement, grief and loss
  • Groups with specific needs
  • A fridge magnet to help remind you of what you can find on the CareSearch website
  • A special range of factsheets for carers addressing financial needs, managing holidays, communication, and more

However you choose to celebrate Dying to Know Day this year, we hope that you find the time to talk about this important topic with the people you love. CareSearch can help you with that process. To order any of these items, email CareSearch Communications Manager, Erin McAllister, at

You can also freely explore the website at any time, 24 hours a day. The homepage is, or you can go directly to the sections of the website for patients, carers and families, or for health professionals.

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