Dying To Know Day in WA: supporting families to make empowered, informed and effective decisions regarding their personal end of life wishes


Stacey and Nicolette share a deep and heartfelt zeal for letting people know ALL their options when it comes to end of life care and funeral planning.

Having recognised that there is an immense amount of death related knowledge which has been withheld or simply not known or talked about within our society, Stacey (formerly from a funeral background and owner of serendipity coffins) and Nicolette (social worker with an extensive background in community education around death and dying) formed their holistic funeral service Gift of Grace in 2014.

The service is dedicated to creating social and cultural change around dying, death and funerals. Stacey and Nicolette are passionate about the importance of end of life care planning, soul midwifery, home death and family led funerals, - all of which are undertaken with holistic, natural, sustainable and compassionate support.

We acknowledge Dying to Know Day as a wonderful opportunity for people to familiarise, explore and create open conversations around the often taboo subject called “Death”. So much information is shrouded in secrecy and fear and we would like to help alleviate any angst so often associated with our personal mortality.

Our vision is to bring death back into our everyday lives with the hope that the final important opportunities and needs of our loved ones are honoured. Stacey and Nicolette remain resolute in supporting families to make empowered, informed and effective decisions regarding their personal end of life wishes.

Gift of Grace has been actively seeking and creating a network of people and organisations that have an interest in end of life care, natural burial, death, dying and bereavement. Some of these will be hosting events in WA in support of Dying to Know Day. There will be Death Cafes, Death Meditations and Community group events.  Gift of Grace is also hosting a variety of workshops running from 7th – 23rd August. The seminars will be presented in a gentle, fun and safe environment. The topics of interest will include Creative Funeral Planning, Eco Friendly Funeral options , Let’s Talk about the “D’ word, and the very interactive Game of Life. Further details are available through our website www.giftofgrace.com.au

Here is a list of all the events

  • Death Cafe | Fremantle | Aug 1
  • The Game of Life | Fremantle | Aug 7
  • Death Cafe | Kinfolk cafe Mundaring | Aug 7
  • Best Death Possible | Joondalup | Aug 8
  • Multiple Events | Albany Library | Aug 8
  • Exploring the fear of dying through satsang, breath, sound, meditation | Mullaloo | Aug 8
  • DIY and Eco-Friendly Funeral Options | Fremantle | Aug 16
  • Digital Afterlive | Fremantle | Aug 16
  • Let's Talk about the 'D' Word | Joondalup | Aug 20
  • Cherish Process: End of Live Story: A Film About You | Mullaloo | Aug 22
  • Creative Funeral Planning | Fremantle | Aug 23


Nicolette is a member of the D2Kday leadership group in WA. 

See more events in WA here.

Dying To Know Day is August 8th.

Go to www.dyingtoknowday.org for more details.

Find an event HERE and register your personal action HERE

Read the big list of death literacy builders HERE