Fact Number 7: Almost half of us would like to know more about DIY funerals

Did you know that half of us would like to know more about DIY funerals? That's right - they actually exist. As a part of the ten things workshops, we're bringing you insights into what you need to know before you go. Today we look at DIY funerals

Do not be afraid to steer away from the typical funeral, as the world progresses it is only right for our proceedings on death to progress, ensuring all people have the send off they wish and deserve. In NSW for example you can head to the public health website and download the forms and information you need.

There are lots of avenues through which we can learn how and why to conduct a non-traditional funeral.  Some of those organisations include The Natural Death Centre in Byron Bay which has many great ideas and thoughts about death and funerals.  and also has an online guide for how to build your own coffin (if you want to go there). The Natural Death Advocacy Network can also connect you with practitioners.

Want to know more?

The Huffington Post has a great video interview here

And you can also listen to a great interview with an Australian Funeral Director supporting home funerals.


Want to see what else you need to know?

Attend one of our  '10 things to know before you go' workshops.

While it may seem scary to think about your own mortality, becoming death literate and building your capacity for end-of-life planning can help create healthier community attitudes about death.


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