Death Cafe conversation with Jon Underwood

Interested in hosting a Death Cafe?
The Death Café movement is growing in Australia and we want to encourage people to get involved by running a Death Cafe for Dying To Know Day on August 8th. 

We were delighted to host this conversation with Jon Underwood cofounder of the Death Cafe on June 5th and a few of the Death Cafe hosts here in Australia including:

April Lewis - Death Cafe Sydney
Ava Rayerson - Death Cafe Fremantle Western Australia
Kathy McCormick - Death Cafes in Melbourne
Kerrie Noonan - Blue Mountains Death Cafe
Vicki Barry - Death Cafe Perth

Content overview (thanks to

- 14mins: an overview of my background and the process of setting up Death Cafe in the first place
- 31mins 20secs: an update on the project to open a 'real' Death Cafe 
- 41mins: a brief overview of how to start your own Death Cafe

Go to: for more information and to read the Death Cafe guidelines. 
Thanks again Jon for joining us! 


Many thanks to April, Ava, Kathy and Vicki for joining us. Want to know more about these fab women?   Here are links to their websites: