I will be speaking about organising and planning paperwork/photos. Content based around two blog posts

Mara Morrison 041 9447262

August 15th - D2K afternoon tea, held at our Southern hospice@HOME office

'Come along and have a conversation'

Kate Pendlebury 306208-0500

hospice@HOME Southern Office

2.30pm - 3.30pm


A round table discussion of 6 people with staff, volunteer and unit manager. We used the starter pack and this stimulated a robust and lively conversation. Everyone shared personnel experiences about death and dying in their families. Julie Edwards-Nurse Practitioner who specialises in Palliative Care Flow alerted us about the wisdom of Advanced Care Plans. Everybody expressed interest and wanted to learn more

August 12th

Elaine Kennis 0447 291247

Place: Sydney Adventist Hospital

Time: 1-3pm


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This Feral Life - short film premier

***Watch this space for more details***

Starring Airlie Dodds, and featuring Matt Levett and John Batchelor.

Directed by Melissa Anastasi
Written by Julia-Rose Lewis
Screenplay by Melissa Anastasi and Julia-Rose Lewis

Produced by Kate Vinen and Dan Prichard

Director of Photography: Seamus Mullen
Editors Bernadette Murray & Kelly Cameron
Original Music Composed by Matthew Chin
Sound Post Alex Francis and Diego Ruiz, Soundfirm
Production Design Marryanne Christodoulou
Costume Design Jasmine Christie
1st AD Liam Branagan

Produced for the Australian Theatre for Young People.

Love in Our Own Time is a documentary on the big things in life: birth, love, and death. Holding a 21st century mirror to who we are, the film follows ordinary Australians, bearing witness to lives beginning and ending, and capturing moments, both simple and sublime, that compose the lives we lead. This is a journey to the heart of what it is to be human, giving us pause to reflect on the lives we lead.

Use code 'dyingtoknowday' for $5 off the DVD ( and get talking with your family and friends!

Tom Murray 0402 566 604

Pia Interlandi |

Dying to Know Day the Natural Death Advocacy Network [NDAN] will go live with our brand new website which aims to create an informative, innovative and transparent organization advocating holistic approaches to dying and death through independent research and action. Our main areas of advocacy include death education, funeral planning, family lead funeral care, natural burial and bereavement care.

Trypheyna McShane 0404 145 928

There are many wonderful people out there doing great work. I would like to create a simple point of access for people to be able to reach them easily, making this, inevitable experience for us all, as loving and easy as possible. Before I finally create and launch 'The End of Life Matters' I would like to make sure I really cover everything. So could you help me out please, and tell me: What would be your #1 challenge when you think about dealing with End of Life Matters?


Date: Sunday 3rd August

Date: Sunday 3rd August

Contact:  Susie Nelson-Smith  0412 348 463


How do we talk about death when we are lost for words?
Come and join the Sydney Threshold Choir and friends for afternoon tea, and share in easy, thoughtful conversation and song. Relax with a cuppa and join in a conversation with Victoria Spence that will equip you to support family, friends and yourself though death, dying and loss. Warm up your voice with Trish Watts in a workshop that invites us to explore and express through breath, song and movement. Please come and join us.
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Date: Monday 4th August

Info stall and some freebies!

Come along, have a chat, get some ideas about how to start the conversation, meet local 'deathies' and learn about our on-going end of life focussed events on the Central Coast.

Gypsy Artemis   |   0406 502 715

Venue: Erina Fair shopping mall, outside the ABC shop

Time: 9am-2pm


Date: Tuesday 5th August

Exploring the Voice of your Ancestors and Sprit Guides through SoulCollage with Megan Pascoe

An invitation to be creative…. Begin to create your own personal deck of cards. In this workshop you will create cards for your ancestors/aspects of death and dying/what you are Dying to Know. Let your creations share their personal meaning with you through a very simple interactive method. Use your cards for accessing inner wisdom, for daily guidance, or simply as an avenue of self-expression.

Gypsy Artemis   |   0406 502 715

Venue: Circle of Life, 8 Henry Parry Drive EAST GOSFORD

Time: 9.30am-4pm

Date: Tuesday 5th August - 2 EVENTS!!!

Start a Conversation

Become confident to talk with family and friends about death and grief with the same enthusiasm we have for talking about other things in life. This is an opportunity for us to share our experiences and support each other.

RSVP: Stuart   |   4954 7996 or 0437 543 465

Venue: The Place, Charlestown Community Centre, Cnr Frederick and Pearson Sts

  • Time: 9.15 for 9.30am to 11.00am


  • Time: 11.15 for 11.30 - 1pm 

Cost:  $2.00pp incl. morning tea

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Date: Wednesday 6th August

How do I die? talk by Marnie Hamilton, Director of Nursing

Marnie will talk about the changes that take place during the actively dying phase of life, medication used and basically what to expect. She will then open the floor for questions.



Gypsy Artemis   |   0406 502 715

Venue: St Andrew's Church (Hall), 360 Ocean Beach Road, UMINA

Time: 2pm-4pm

Date: Wednesday 6th August

Start a Conversation

Become confident to talk with family and friends about death and grief with the same enthusiasm we have for talking about other things in life. This is an opportunity for us to share our experiences and support each other.

RSVP: Stuart.. 4954 7996 or 0437 543 465

Venue: Uniting Church Toronto

118 The Boulevarde, Toronto

Time: 9.45 for 10.00am-12.00pm

Cost:  $2.00pp incl. morning tea


Date: Thursday 7th August

Advance Care Planning with Peter Dunne



Gypsy Artemis   |   0406 502 715

Venue: Circle of Life, 8 Henry Parry Drive, EAST GOSFORD

Time: 9.30am-11.30am


Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August


Sally Carveth at Cancer Council NSW Sydney |  Time: 3.30-4.30pm

This is a one off Death Cafe, in house for Cancer Council staff only

Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

We (as the local palliative care team) are holding a Dying to Know Day event in Port Macquarie. It will be held in the CWA rooms which are lovely light rooms near the town centre and located on the Town Green.

We are having scones & tea/coffee.

The event will be open to the community and will hopefully provide people with an opportunity to have a conversation about death and dying. Dr Frank Brennan visits our area once every 2 months and he will be visiting and talking for 10-15mins about death and dying. Whilst we are the palliative care team, this is not about promoting our service, it is about community engagement and providing opportunities to talk about death and dying - in line with the philosophy of D2K Day. 

Debbie White   |   0400 173 981

Venue: CWA Rooms, Port Macquarie

Time: 2.00 - 4.00pm


Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

We will be running a traditional facilitated Death Cafe, just over dinner in a restaurant! :)

Gypsy Artemis   |   0406 502 715

Venue: Sit 'o' Clock Thai, 11-15 Rawson Rd WOY WOY

Time: 6.30pm

Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Cobargo Undertakings Community Group are hosting an afternoon tea and chat at the Cobargo Uniting Church and tea rooms, Bermagui Road, Cobargo. The event is called “Death Café and Chat”

Speaker: Kerryn will share her experience of when she was diagnosed with cancer and told go home and “get your affairs in order” – what does that mean? How to proceed? How to open a dialogue about living, dying and death. How to write a Eulogy. Kerryn advocates living life to the fullest while still preparing for death. Local police officer will be on hand for a short period to offer information about, ‘What to do when your loved one dies in the home and your obligation to notify ambulance and police’. Other guest speakers and Cobargo Undertakings will be able to offer sound advice, hand out literature and offer information on different options available to you before, during and after a loved one has died along with access to vital information for people to begin to get their affairs in order before the need arises.

This special afternoon is designed to provide the Cobargo community with the opportunity to speak with experts in the field about death and dying. We will also provide access to our Funeral Service options and advice portfolio and make ourselves available to discuss any personal issues you may have during and after the afternoon tea which is provided by Cobargo Undertakings and Friends of Cobargo Cemetery. 

Rev Kerryn Dunlop    |   0418 761 034

Venue: Time: Cobargo Uniting Church and Tea Rooms, Bermagui Road, Cobargo

Time: 1:30pm to 4pm

Gold Coin donation

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Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Dying to Know workshop facilitated by Rest Easy Journal author Shanna Provost.

Guest speakers include respected local leaders including Dr. Jenny Wray, Solicitor Alan Clarke, Funeral Celebrant Debra Summer and Funeral Director for 25 years Mr Ian Vincent.

We will have displays of available local services, a forum and delicious morning tea. 

Shanna Provost  |    0244 761 523

Venue:  Club Narooma, Narooma

Time: 10am - 2pm

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Date: Sat 9th AUGUST

Exploring Death's Gifts: Four Perspectives

  1. Why I love death (more than Sex)
  2. NDEs- can they teach us anything?
  3. Tales of Death.
  4. Meditations on Death from a Buddhist Perspective

Gypsy Artemis   |   0406 502 715

Venue: Circle of Life, 8 Henry Parry Drive EAST GOSFORD

Time: 10am-12.45pm


Date: 9-11th August

All you ever wanted to know about death, dying and ceremony.

A 3 day Deathwalker Training and workshop covering Being with the Dying, Death, Care of the body, Ceremony, Disposal, and Bereavement.


Natural Death Care Centre

Zenith Virago   |   0427 924 310

Tyagarah,  NSW

9.30am -4.00 daily

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Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Death Cafe, Dungog

This is a first in Dungog (and for me) so I envisage an informal welcome with a short introduction about the history of the day and what we will do - share anything about our feelings around death, if we have experienced death of loved ones lately, what we may have put in place about our own death and dying including an end of life plan. Hopefully we will arrange for another death café next year, or sooner if people want it.

Helen Proud    |    0458 543 732

Venue: Dungog Cafe, Dungog

Time: 10:00

Date: August Thursday 7th

Death Cafe at the fabulous and busy local community farmers market.


Contact: Zenith Virago    |   042 7924310

Natural Death Care Centre

Venue: Byron Farmers Market

Time: 7.30am - 11.00am

Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Death Cafe at the fabulous and busy local community farmers market.

Zenith Virago    |   0427924310

Venue: Mullumbimby Farmers Market

Time: 7.30am -11.00am


Date: Saturday 9th August

Come along to Joseph Medcalf Funerals for a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of a funeral home, find out what planning goes into funerals and how to plan your own.

Please register your interest with Amy on 0433 181 091 or email with your name and contact number.09/08/2014

Amy Porter   |   0433 1810 91

Venue: 447 Burwood Road, Belmore

Time: 2pm

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Date: 20th August

Dying To Know Day Bookclub

Discussion using the Dying to Know resources, with my Bookclub members and invited others

Kay Cope   |   0478 616 242

Venue: Gerringong

Time: 19:00

Date: 20th August.

We will be holding our first Death Café at Southlakes Carers

Margaret Howse   |   0413 947 870

Venue: Morisset Multipurpose Centre

Time: 2.30pm

Date: Saturday 23rd August

Do you have questions you would like answered about death and dying... but you've never had the opportunity or did not know who to ask?

The Southern Highlands Community Hospice 'Dying To Know Day ' will provide a forum for the community to learn about many aspects of death and dying and end of life.

Speakers include:  Dr Michael Barbato, Jane Mahony, Melissa Pacheco, Catherine Holz and Daphne Robertson.

Daphne Roberson    |   0438 007 402

Go to to see all the awesome work happening in Bowral.

Venue: Mittagong RSL Club

Time: 10-3pm

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Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Staff will get a taste of 'health promotion in palliative care'. Palliative care clinicians forget that they are dealing with a community who are poorly educated or exposed to death literacy. We will hold an Afternoon tea ( in the tea room, not the training room).
I will be showing the latest show from Billy Connelly discussing the different cultures and beliefs over death and dying.
I hope to have the room decorated with Mexican day of the Dead themes. Once again to hightlight new and different perspectives on death and dying.

Rachel Bilton-Simek   |   0415 030 498

Venue: Clare Holland House

Time: 14:00

Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

A small informal gathering in a relaxed café environment to talk about the things you are ‘dying to know’ about death and dying. It will be a place where talking about death is ‘OK’.

Palliative Care ACT believes being open about it means we can support each other, our families and ourselves when death has an impact on our lives. You will be with others who have an interest in exploring questions about a topic that some find difficult to discuss. 

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Sue Bromhead   |   0262 739 608

Venue: The FRONT Gallery & Café Lyneham ACT 2602

Time:  6-8pm 

Entry ONLY by registration Please use the link below 


Date: Saturday August 2nd 

You might be interested in joining us at our Dying To Know Day which gives families an opportunity to talk openly and to share stores around death, dying and bereavement. There will be a warm supportive atmosphere and coffee and snacks will be available from the café in the gallery.

Helen and Lyn hope to see you there, you’re welcome to bring family and friends along. 

Helen Lloyd-Potter   |   0395 687 590

Venue: Breslin Gallery, 254 Neerim Road, Carnegie

Time: 3-5pm

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Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

A gathering of participants of the recent Death Doula course held here in Daylesford to continue the conversation about death and dying, living wills, end of life care plans and natural burial grounds.

Jacinta Saunders   |   0434 199 205


Time: 7pm

Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

The Many Faces of Grief - Carly Dalton
A free training session for aged and palliative care staff on grief, loss and bereavement.
The training will provide them with information, coping techniques and strategies to support each other as aged care professionals providing end of life care and the families they interact with regularly who are experiencing grief with caring for dying family members.8th August, 2014

Carly Dalton 0419 584 424

Venue: Allity Aged Care, 5 McDonald Street, Mordiallioc, Victoria

Time:  2pm

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Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

An evening of warm organic hospitality where everyone is welcome to come for a safe and gentle chat about dying and death.

From a foundation of refusing to deny the fact of death but with the wish to make gentle it's effect, we will gather at ethic. and see where the evening takes us.

Just in case we need some prompts, topics that may be covered include: planning for end of life, creative ways to begin difficult conversations, choices for after death and funeral care, family led care, home based funeral care, natural death care, authentic funeral ceremonies and sustainable burial and cremation options.

Please join us to discuss, listen or simply to ponder this important topic.

Libby Moloney   |   1300 008 037

Time: August 8th 7.30pm

Venue: Ethic. 63 Urquhart Street Woodend VIC 3442



Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Dying to Get it Right - a seminar for healthcare professionals to learn more about Death and Dying.

Kate Holmes   |   0394 266 096

Venue: Epworth Hospital, Richmond

Time: 0845 - 1530

Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

A morning tea for my work colleagues, featuring talking points, games and cake.

Hayley Mulvey   |   0423 271 469

Victorian Department of Health

Time: 10:30

Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Afternoon tea with palliative care, HARP, Residential In Reach staff. Launch of Advance Care Plan brochure for our organisation.

Melanie Hahne  |   0353 819 363

Venue: Horsham

Time: 230pm

Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Dying To Talk...

The event will combine information from experts in death and dying, including palliative care health professionals with the opportunity for participants to discuss the issues and questions most important to them in a supportive environment.

Stephanie Harper   |   0354 220 258

Venue: Kyneton Mechanics Institute,

81 Mollison St Kyneton VIC

Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm

Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

A gathering of friends in my home, talking about death and dying...over soup and wine

Julie Hassard    |

Fairfield Victoria

12 - 2.30

Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Dying to Know Day 2014 - 'Pondering Mortality'

Calling all artists within the Austin Health community! We’re seeking submissions on the theme ‘Pondering Mortality’ for an art installation at our second annual Dying to Know Day event on August 8!

To participate, please submit your artwork by Monday 21 July using the form at

We’re thrilled to be collaborating once again this year with The GroundSwell Project for Dying to Know Day, and hope that you will come along, create art and watch our film – from 2-4pm on level 3 of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre. Keep an eye on Facebook and our website for more!

Lama Majaj   0452 530 758

Olivia Newton John Cancer and Wellness Centre VIC

Time: 2-4 pm August 8th

Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Local people - from all walks of life & professions, will speak for 2 minutes on what is relevant to them either on a personal note or within their work place - those from health industry - palliative care - D.O.N.- industry & various support service people who deal in the varied links to death, dying & bereavement - those involved in arts. Musician will sing a couple of solo pieces.

Wendy McGarvie    |    0355 218 051

Place: Portland, Victoria

Time: 11am -1pm & light lunch & chit chat afterwards

Date: 13th August 

Will Writing seminar for RSL members

Wendy Bateman   |   0396 555 548

Venue: ANZAC House, 4 Collins Street Melbourne Vic

Time: 1.15pm

Date: 15th August

Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late…What are your Five Wishes?

Wendy Miles from Colbrow Healthcare will be presenting the Five Wishes Booklet. It will be a brief presentation followed by an opportunity to ask questions over a cup of tea.

Limited places - Please RSVP to Sandybeach Centre on 9598 2155.

Cathy Capomolla  0395 982 155

Venue: Sandybeach Centre, 2 Sims Street, Sandringham

Time: 10.30 am


Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Metropolitan Funerals will be hosting "Facts for Thought" a seminar designed for all people who are studying, working in or volunteering for the Aged Care or Health Care Sector of End of Life services.

Speakers from DonateLife, the University of Queensland Body Bequest Program and Palliative Care Advocates will provide factual information on their areas of expertise. The event is designed to ensure that people who assist families through the 'end of life journey" can feel confident that the information they are sharing is factual.

  • Ms Carol Jones- The University of QLD Body Donor Program Administrator
  • Ms Alana Cresswell - Donate Life QLD Education Manager
  • Mr John Haberecht- Director of Learning and Development CPCRE
  • Fiona Hawthorn- Churchill Fellow – Perinatal Palliative Care
  • Ms Toni Boydston- Manager of Metropolitan Funerals

Annette Lourgian   |   0409 793 818

Venue: Metropolitan Funerals 224 Newnham Rd, Mt Gravatt QLD

Time: Registration from 9am, starting at 9.30

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Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

What's on in Gawler?

5:30 - 6:00 Add your entry on the 'BEFORE I DIE WALL I WANT TO ...' wall
6:00 - 7:15 Australian film screening
7:15 - 7:30 Top 10 facts about death in Australia
7:30 - 9:30 Death Cafe over dinner and dessert
9:30 - 9:45 Feedback and close



Abby Davis   |   0409 830 927  

OFF THE CUFF | speaking life into death

Venue: Conversations Cafe 

Time: 5:30pm - 9:45pm

FREE entry
Purchase own drinks & dinner
Raffle - great prizes!

Bookings a must as very limited seats.
Call or SMS Abby Davis
Leave message on the Facebook event that you want to go.

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Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August + Sunday 10th

Death Cafe Barossa Valley, South Australia

Time: 10am - 12noon (both days!)

Contact: Anna Kranz    |    0414 334 298    |




Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August


Foyer conversations about dying well & the

Tasmanian Advance Care Directive

Anna Spinaze   |   0407 952 518

Venue: Mathers House, Hobart

Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Death Cafe at Stannis Homes Hobart


Cassandra Hinzeach   |  HINZC@STANNSHOMES.COM

Time: 2pm

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Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Sharing a meal with 5 of the artists participating in the Garments for the Grave project. A debrief of their workshop with Pia last week and a viewing of the documentary Tender.

Lyndal Thorne   |   0438 313 045

Place: Penguin

Time: 5pm onwards

Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August


An afternoon of coffee, cake and conversation around dying and death topics that those who attend come up with.

Lynne Jarvis   |   0408 628 573

Venue: BEACH HUT Coffee, 2 Beach Road, Ulverstone

Time: 2pm till 3.30pm

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Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Networking End of Life Care Across Tasmania Project information stand with free coffee and cake.

Lynne Jarvis   |   0408 628 573

Venue: LIVE @ The Wharf, Ulverstone, 

Time: 5pm onwards

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Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Update on the Networking End of Life Care Across Tasmania Project plus Advance Care Planning

Lynne Jarvis   |   0408 628 573

Venue: Devonport Gardens - a secure gated community for independent over 55’s

Time: 11am


Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

How do I make my end of life wishes known and respected?

A free workshop for the public about advance care planning, Advance Health Directives and Enduring Power of Guardianship co hosted by the Dept of Health WA, Palliative Care Network WA and the Perth Death Cafe.


Contacting phone/fax:  1300 551 704

Venue: West Australian Leadership Centre, Heathcote, 58-60 Duncraig Rd, Applecross

Time: 3pm – 4.30pm

Places strictly limited to 30 people


Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Perth Death Cafe with special guest Una Glennon (author of Ciara's Gift)

Join us for a conversation about death, dying and other life matters.

Celebrating Dying To Know Day, an annual day of action dedicated to bringing to life conversations and community actions around death, dying and bereavement.

Vicki Barry   |   0409 045 373


Mt Hawthorn WA

Time: 7-9pm

Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

Dying to Know Day provides a great focal point for encouraging local communities to have conversations about life and death. It's about people being empowered to talk with each other and make their end of life wishes known. 

As part of this initiative I plan to hold the first "Hills" Death Cafe. 

Please join me "Talking about death won't kill you"

Glennis Wilson   |   0435 327 678

Venue: Kinfolk Cafe, 16 Craig Street, Mundaring, W.A.

Time: 10.00 am - midday



There are no events scheduled in the NT yet. Be the first.

Rest of the World Events!

Dying To Know Day Friday 8th August

This Death Cafe is being hosted in the fabulous colonial style Hôtel La Résidence. English will be the predominant language spoken, however French and Wolof speakers are encouraged to attend, we can try and translate for each other! Drinks and food can be ordered, I will check on cake availability :)

Hayley West is a current artist in residence at Waaw Residence in Saint-Louis Senegal, and a Masters candidate with Charles Darwin University, Australia. Her research focuses on death and mourning rituals and ways of grieving. Hayley has co-hosted Death Cafes in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

Hayley West   |   0400 287 553

Senegal, West Africa

11:00am - 1:00pm


Date: 7th August (UK time)

Dying To Know Day August 8th

Our Death Cafe Oxford is being facilitated by Claire Turnham and held in the Storyteller's cafe at Barefoot Books in Summertown, Oxford which is a bright, colourful, vibrant, space. We look forward to listening to the stories while eating delicious cake and fabulous drinks.

Claire Turnham   |   0406 502 715

Venue: Death Cafe Oxford, Barefoot Books, Summertown, Oxford, Oxon, UK

Time: 6pm to 8pm