We are developing a world first Death Literacy Index that will survey the Australian population to measure the social impact of local and wide-scale compassionate community initiatives.


The death literacy index will provide a population based measure of death literacy which will enable us to

a) determine current levels of death literacy at a whole of population and local level and

b) measure the impact of local and wide-scale initiatives.

This research has the potential to make a significant contribution to understanding the impact of interventions designed to increase the death literacy of communities, organisations and even whole nations thus contributing to scholarly, policy, practice and public knowledge of and debate on successful strategies and interventions in the end of life field.

We anticipate that the index will be generalizable internationally and will enable evidence based decision making regarding best practice in increasing death literacy in a whole of community approach.


This 3 year research project is proudly supported through the J.O. & J.R. Wicking Trust.


We are committed to making a positive contribution to community engagement and community development in the end of life sector. We have spent the last 7 years working alongside many innovative and passionate people and organisations. Our hope is that this research will contribute to and strengthen the work we are all doing in our communities.

For more details head over to the Caring at end of life research team led by Western Sydney University HERE.

Led by Professor Debbie Horsfall, the research team is Professor Rosemary Leonard, Marguerite Kelly, Dr Bruce Rumbold and Andrea Grindrod, La Trobe University and Dr John Rosenberg, QUT and Kerrie Noonan, The GroundSwell Project. 

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