Death Literacy Conference - Perth Satellite Event

Building compassionate communities, neighbourhoods to civic initiatives.
One day program for palliative care, primary health, end of life related services, researchers and policy makers.

The GroundSwell Project is delighted to announce a satellite conference event in Perth on Friday June 1. 

Compassionate Communities (ComCom) is a global movement for public health practice, a way to engage communities to think about how care is provided to people who are dying. A range of projects around Australia are taking place, embracing the Compassionate Communities principles since Dr. Julian Abel presented at the inaugural symposium in February 2017 and we’re pleased to announce a return visit, this time stopping off in Perth.

Julian will be presenting an update on international trends in compassionate communities and how primary, palliative care and communities are working together to build greater support for people through their end of life. This one day event, including masterclasses with Dr. Julian Abel, is designed for people who champion the compassionate community model and who are well placed to take action.

This one day program is for palliative care, primary health, end of life related services, researchers and policy makers.

Venue: Melville City Council Chambers. City of Melville Civic Centre, 10 Almondbury Road, Booragoon.

Date: Friday 1st June    Time: 10.00 - 3.00

10.00 - 10.15 Welcome from The GroundSwell Project + PCWA.

10.15 - 10.30 Overview and update about ComCom in Australia.

11.00 - 12.30 Dr. Julian Abel: Masterclass 1: New Essentials in Palliative Care.

12.30 - 1.15 Lunch.

1.15 - 2.45 Dr. Julian Abel Masterclass 2: Enhancing Networks in palliative care.

245- 3 Discussion and Close.

Palliative care - the new essentials in compassionate communities

It is the combined efforts of specialist and generalists, compassionate communities and the civic component of end of life care as contained in the compassionate city charter, that help to address the support that is needed for those undergoing the experiences of caregiving, death dying and loss. We will examine what each of the key components of each of these essentials and look at how this might be implemented as a unified programme of palliative care, transforming palliative care services at the same time as providing equity of care to the unifying experiences associated with death.

Enhancing naturally occurring informal supportive networks is the fundamental way of building compassionate communities. There are a variety of enablers and constraints to doing this. and also obstacles. How to enhance networks is a skill which we will learn. At the same time, we will look at opportunities for using this skill in routine clinical care, combining it with building the community resources open to compassionate communities.

Representatives from The GroundSwell Project will share initial insights from their Compassionate Communities National Forum, learnings from a recent ComCom exploration of the UK and the development of ComCom Hub as a sector resource. Palliative Care WA will provide an overview of local initiatives and how you can get involved.


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For more information please contact Halina Remington at The GroundSwell Project 

Or contact Vicki Barry at PCWA  or Mob: 0409 045 373

Julian  Abel -  Bio

Dr Julian Abel

I have been a consultant in palliative care since 2001,  and am Vice President of  Public Health Palliative Care International and Director of Compassionate Communities UK. Inspired by Professor Kellehear’s work, I have been developing and using the public health approach to end of life care in my clinical practice for many years. I have run local, regional and national programmes in England. I lecture and run workshops nationally and internationally and am an advocate in developing public health palliative care policy frameworks. Over the last 2 years, I have been working with Frome Medical Practice with their innovative model of care and co-leading rolling this out across the Mendip area of Somerset and West Somerset in the south west of England. As part of Compassionate Communities UK, we are working to develop a programme of Compassionate Wales. I have published a number of papers on compassionate communities and the public health approach to end of life care. During my career, I have run local, regional and national programmes in electronic palliative care coordination systems, improving end of life care in hospitals have contributed to national initiatives in end of life. I cowrote the Guidance to Ambition 6, Communities Are Prepared to Help for Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care 2015 - 20.


This event is delivered by the GroundSwell Project, in collaboration with Palliative Care Western Australia.

Dr Julian Abel, is in Australia for the ‘creating compassionate communities: building death literacy’ conference in Sydney June 7-8.