The Compassionate Workplace educates organisations to empower internal social networks of caring people, creating a compassionate culture to build engagement and productivity.

Our goal is to make it easy to talk with someone who has a loss and help kindness to show its face.
Everywhere we go, people talk about work and the impact workplaces have on their experience of loss. For example, when they negotiate taking time off in order to perform carer duties and have exhausted leave, leaving nothing for bereavement. They often talk of the positive and negative shifts in how they view their workplace after a sudden disruption occurs in their life such as a miscarriage, stillbirth, death of a partner or receiving a life limiting diagnosis.
Dying and bereavement is something that at some point, we all have to face. Most of us will either experience a devastating loss or will be caring for someone close to us. It’s high time we started having the conversation about death and dying and how the workplace responds.

We bring people with a lived experience to share, laugh and advise in a peer to peer learning environment so that you can identify your own good people to be there for others.

We’ll know we’ve succeeded with you,  if your people attending are inspired to share their experiences at future meet-ups and are motivated to take action in the workplace.
It’s expensive to lose good people. Let's ensure we’re getting it right from the get go.