Compassionate Communities is a whole of community approach to end of life care where caring for one another at times of need, loss and/or crisis becomes the task and responsibility of everyone.

Welcome to the National Compassionate Communities Practice Forum

This is a bold new project with the sole purpose of building capacity across health and community involved in end of life care.

Commencing in February 2018, we will work with up to 8 communities of practice for over two years by supporting them with mentoring, tools and advice.

What are Compassionate Communities?
They are citizens who are knowledgeable and informed about death, dying, loss and care and adapt their practices and behaviour to meet needs that they encounter in their everyday lives. Services and local authorities play a significant role in providing and sustaining quality end-of-life care, but people from all walks of life should be involved in designing suitable end-of-life care policies that meet their needs.

In February 2017 The GroundSwell Project and Palliative Care Australia combined to put on the first Compassionate Communities Symposium in Australia.
Health practitioners joined with volunteers, carers, end of life doulas and researchers to explore how more people can get involved in end of life care and it was unanimous: we just needed to start to do it and learn as we go! And so the National Compassionate Communities Practice Forum was born.
We have joined with the pioneers of this work to shape up a program of support so that you join the movement and get on with developing new practices. If successful, we will work with you to identify bring you the support you need. This is community development at its core.

No matter what role your organisation plays, if you want to have a positive impact in end of life care beyond what you’re currently doing, if you’re compelled by the Compassionate Communities approach to building capacity to care, we want to hear from you!

Check out ComComHUB for a range of resources, research and tools to support the development of compassionate communities.

A number of initiatives are taking place across palliative care and other health services in 2018, culminating in the 6th International Public Health Palliative Care Conference in mid to late 2019, co-hosted by The GroundSwell Project and Western Sydney University.

The founding supporter of this initiative is BUPA Health & Care