More inspiration?

Looking for more inspiration after the Dying for Change event with Charles Leadbeater yesterday? Here is the video interview with Heather Richardson talking about her experience in the UK (please try to ignore the poor use of technology here - I hadn't upgraded the demo version of this app for Skype! *so embarrassing*)

here are a couple of quotes: "since I have begun to do this kind of thinking, I have seen Hospice care far less at the center and more on periphery facilitating and working with others to make a difference at end of life."

"I began to believe that good end-of-life care was dependent on professionals getting it right, and what Charlie helped me and many others in the sector see is that actually we needed to partner quite differently with the general public..."

"part of the work I've been doing in the last couple of year how we take some of the philosophy and principles of our work, empower other people to deliver care in a similar kind of way but not everybody has to be linked into the hospice or be one of our patients... so we now have networks of volunteers who are starting to deliver care on our behalf... but they are not hospice volunteers they are just members of the local public who are interested in looking after others in their local community who are dying... they can refer or navigate people towards the hospice if they get a problem they can't deal with..."