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Anna Collins

Department of Medicine, St Vincent’s Hospital, University of Melbourne, Australia

 Anna is Palliative Care Research Fellow in the Department of Medicine, St Vincent’s Hospital, University of Melbourne. She has a background in Health Psychology, specialist training in Journalism, and co-founded Palliverse, an online community of practice for health professionals and community interested in palliative care. Anna was the Inaugural National Emerging Researcher awarded by Palliative Care Australia in 2015. Her doctoral work explored patient, family, and community understandings of palliative care and their views around how this is best introduced and discussed - both at the hospital and more broadly in community. Anna is passionate about improving community engagement with palliative care - including the development of evidence-based approaches to public health communication and integrated health system models of care - to ensure all people with serious illness and their families may receive timely access to quality care which supports them to live fully.