Healthy End of Life Project (HELP); Creating a collaborative community culture at the end of life

With Bruce Rumbold & Andrea Grindrod


The ‘Healthy End of Life Program (HELP): offering, asking for and accepting help’ is a research-informed community development program that aims to create a sustainable collaborative community culture that attends to local end-of-life needs. The program offers a practical guide for communities (and professionals who work with communities), to provide support for local people who wish to receive end-of-life care in their home, and provides both a framework and resources to guide communities to develop collaborative end of life care. Designed to shift community culture from one where members instinctively decline help to one that ‘asks for and accepts help’, whilst at the same time reinforcing and creating communities that are confident and capable of ‘offering and providing help’ at end-of-life, this presentation will describe the principles, theory, framework, as well as practice examples, of the HELP program.