Staying connected- compassionate communities in residential aged care

Helen Emmerson (Southern Cross Care), Stella Hristias (The GroundSwell Project)  Marguerite Kelly  and Prof Rosemary Leonard (WSU)

Imagine what happens when a residential aged care home transforms from a place of care into a hub where relationships and inter-generational learning thrive. Being connected, having a positive identity and continuing to contribute to the fabric of society are all essential to positive healthy ageing and overall life satisfaction. Welcome to the 10K Project. A unique partnership between an Southern Cross Care, (aged care provider), Western Sydney Uni (researcher) and community development expert (The GroundSwell Project). Complex problems cannot be addressed by simple solutions, best practice or even good practice. Complexity requites long term partnerships to work with the unpredictable and emergent change.  In this workshop, you will hear from three partners that are combining their unique strengths to develop insights and actions to re-develop ageing in place. You'll glean insights for your own work in ageing and building social capital in community.