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The 10K Project:    A Community-centred Approach to Ageing Well

Imagine what happens when a residential aged care home transforms from a place of care to being a hub where relationships and inter-generational learning thrive?

The maintenance and development of older people’s social networks is fundamental to wellbeing. Being connected, having a positive identity, continuing to contribute to the fabric of society are all essential to positive healthy ageing, increased life expectancy and overall life satisfaction.

Ageing is viewed as decline and burden as we continue to age and approach death.

These connections and community networks are often under recognised and are rarely mobilised to their full potential. Our goal? To develop Active, connected and engaged aged care environments

The 10K project is a unique wellbeing program that will bring to life the community networks of two Southern Cross Care (SCC) facilities over 3 years.


1.     Develop active, connected and engaged aged-care environments.

2.     Improve the well-being and death literacy of residents, family, staff and the surrounding community.

3.   Develop strategies to embed a community development model which can be utilised by other SCC facilities.