Ageing well means being connected

Imagine what happens when a residential aged care home transforms from a place of care into a hub where relationships and inter-generational learning thrive.

Being connected, having a positive identity and continuing to contribute to the fabric of society are all essential to positive healthy ageing and overall life satisfaction.

Our goal?

To develop active, connected and engaged aged care environments that place relationships and social networks front and centre.

This means taking collective responsibility for our ageing population to live and die well, and ‘in place’, while recognising that ageing, dying, caring and death are social events.

Building on the momentum of individualised, person centred care to discover the strength and impact of ‘networks of care’ requires a re-imagination of aged care services and communities. Where service providers and communities work together to care for each other over the whole of the life course, easing burden, isolation and fear, developing a community's capacity to care in the process.

So why 10K?

Placing a Southern Cross Care Aged Care facility in the centre, we will work to engage with all of the resources and networks within a 10-kilometre diameter of the facility, including schools, community centres, faith-based organisations, TAFEs, Universities, shopping centres, artists, businesses big and small, garden centres, voluntary organisations, landcare etc.

The 10K project is a unique wellbeing program that will bring to life the community networks of two Southern Cross Care facilities over 3 years. This unique partnership will enable Southern Cross Care to powerfully shape the way future services are conceptualised and delivered.


Our research partner is Western Sydney University



Our funded partner is Southern Cross Care