10 Things to Know Before you Go

It’s time to think about, talk about, and plan well for end-of-life.

While it may seem scary to think about your own mortality, becoming death literate and building your capacity for end-of-life planning can help create healthier community attitudes about death.

This 4 hour workshop gets to the heart of what matters - living and ageing well.  Knowing your options makes a difference!

What you can expect:

We will teach you how you can take those Ten Things and apply them to your own end-of-life planning so that you're ready for when the time comes.

1.   Learn in an informative, welcoming environment with like-minded people.

2.   Access the knowledge and planning skills from qualified experts.

3.   Be more comfortable talking about end-of-life issues.

4.   Know more about your options for when you die.

5.   Understand how to plan your end of life the way you want to

6.   Feel more confident talking to family about your end of life plans.

7. Walk away inspired with an action plan

Plus, you will receive a 'Dying to know' book, workshop and planning documents

It’s a dynamic experience for our facilitators and for the people who participate. 

We are currently offering this workshop to community, health or aged care partners. It is also available as a train the trainer module for health and community end of life facilitators.

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Download the Emotional Will and Death Checklist

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to learn about death. After all, it won’t kill you!