Mel Greblo, Director, Chair

Mel Greblo is a speaker and author on purpose-driven leadership and business. She is also a trusted advisor around how to develop purpose thinking in your business, creating a thriving purpose culture to future proof and succeed in the purpose economy.

Melanie Greblo is a businesswoman, social entrepreneur, and thought leader on the art and science of community. She is passionate about helping businesses develop thinking and practices to future proof for the purpose economy.

She is Founder and Director of Talking Sticks Communication, a boutique agency specialising in strategic communications, unlocking purpose and crafting fresh, authentic conversations around it. Talking Sticks blends creative strategy with the craft of journalism and offers an end-to-end service to small and medium sized enterprises and thought leaders who have a purpose to share or a purpose to grow. Talking Sticks also curates and hosts international events that inspire and ignite purpose, most recently bringing Poet, author and speaker, David Whyte to Australia for the first time.

Mel Greblo spent 20 years in executive roles, building the brands of some of Australia’s great organisations: The Art Gallery of NSW, RMIT, CanTeen, YWCA, The Benevolent Society, and SchoolAid Trust. She was the Founding CEO of HOME Hospice, a social enterprise creating social change at end-of-life. She writes about lessons from the values-driven sector for the commercial world, speaks about community building and engagement, shared value and coaches leaders and executives around personal brand and purpose.

She is passionate about conversations, collaboration, stories, mindfulness, innovation, sustainability and partnerships to affect both business growth and positive social change. Mel is also a passionate philanthropy advocate and serves as a Director on the Board of SchoolAid Trust, the inspiration behind KidsGive, Australia’s first crowdfunding platform for kids.




Elizabeth Barrett, Director, secretary

Lizzie Barrett is an ICU nurse from western Sydney, who combines part time clinical work with a part time nurse educator role. She currently runs the Intensive Care Education & Training centre at Nepean Hospital, which incorporates a simulated learning environment designed for critical care training. Lizzie has a passion for the ever increasing role in critical care education that social media has to play and as such is committed to increasing the quality of education around this. Her previous work in the organ and tissue donation sector in NSW piqued Lizzie's interest in promoting community discussion around death and dying. Lizzie is the Vice President of the NSW branch of the Australian College of Critical Care Nurses and has been with The GroundSwell Project for the past 2 years.





Donal Griffin, Specialist advice in business development, partnerships and contractual issues

Donal is admitted as a lawyer in New South Wales and Ireland. Donal has a Masters in Wills and Estates and is Principal, Legacy Law Pty Limited

Donal practices as a lawyer with real people who will die. If the person does not agree with this qualifying feature, there is nothing he can do for them.

Donal’s Sydney based firm is a specialist private client law firm for people who want experts to advise them in important personal areas. The service is so high-touch that he offers to haunt the children of clients and be an advocate for those who get old.

Donal sees the downstream effect of people not facing up to difficult yet undeniable facts and is very pleased to work with other passionate community minded individuals who rock, like The GroundSwell Project.