Stir the Pot

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In collaboration with Victoria Spence from Living with our Dead and LifeRites Stir the Pot was held in Sydney in 2012 as part of the first Australian Changemakers Festival being run by ASIX and Steve Lawrence

Stir the Pot was a night of presentations, provocations & discussion about innovative end of life & after death care practices in Australia.

The event celebrated the quiet revolution happening in Australia – green funerals and Eco ‘Garments for the Grave‘, funeral ceremonies in public spaces (including parks, surf clubs and art galleries), people are dying at home and families are organising their own funerals (yes! without a funeral director), ethereal ‘human rooms‘ are being designed in palliative care spaces, choirs are singing to the dying,  and ‘cooling tables’ are enabling families to care directly for their dead at home. Water cremation is even on the way!

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Dying for Change: Innovations in end of life care

To allow people the deaths they want,  end of life care

must be radically transformed…

- Dying for Change

Charles Leadbeater, leading authority on innovation and creativity and the co-author of the UK report Dying for Change, joined several other people from the end of life sector and local social innovators over lunch for peer-led discussions and debate about end of life care in Australia. 

What followed was a dynamic and interactive afternoon discussing the following:

What are the opportunities and barriers to social innovation in End of Life Care?

What would a radically transformed end of life care sector look like in Australia?

  • The UK report Dying for Change key findings and recommendations,
  • Examples of innovations in end of life care,
  • Reinventing and transforming death and dying in the community,
  • Strategies, barriers and opportunities for innovation.

Other speakers included:

Dr Debbie Horsfall, School of Social Sciences, University of Western Sydney
Innovative social research  – Bringing our Dying Home: Creating Community at End of Life

Steve Lawrence, CEO, Australian Social Innovation Exchange
What is social innovation?

Prof. Patsy Yates, Faculty of Health, School of Nursing and Midwifery
Vice-President Palliative Care Australia
Current issues and challenges for innovation in the sector

The event also included the release of the research report Bringing our Dying Home: Creating Community at end of life – a collaboration between the University of Western Sydney, Cancer Council NSW and HOME Hospice.

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