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Dying To Know bumper stickers
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Want to tell the world you are up for a chat about deathly matters?

Ready to wear your death awareness on your sleeve? (well... your car window even?)

Brighten up any car with these lovelies. Voted for by The GroundSwell Facie group these are a fun way to get the message out for Dying To Know Day.

3 vinyl stickers with slogans:

  • 10/10 people die. Are you ready?
  • Death, The last great adventure (prepare for it well)
  • Talk about death it won't kill you

Size: stickers are 20 x 5 cms.

Postage Included. All you need to do is decide if you want 1, 3, 12 or 30! If you are hosting a larger event you can grab a pack of 90 or 180 too. 

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"Writing the cards felt sacred. Secret. I haven't had any responses yet from the few I did bravely send out. Sending them was the mission. It matters not what comes back."

Share your wishes this Dying To Know Day

"For dying to know day 2013, I wanted to undertake a personal action around death and dying. I wanted it to be something meaningful for me and my loved ones. I am ever-conscious that life could be taken away from us at any moment, so I used the day to show my love and appreciation for a handful of my most loved family and friends. I did this by sitting down with six beautiful postcards that I randomly found in the cupboard and, over a cup of tea in the sun, i opened my heart and said the sort of things that I'd like to say if I was about to die. I didn't over intellectualise the process, rather I shared something about what I valued about them and also something that they'd need to know if I did in fact "die before I wake.

This initial process birthed these formal Dying To Know Day postcards which I have donated to The Groundswell Project for Dying To Know Day 2014. I like to imagine what an impact we each could have if we sat down on a regular basis and took the time to open our hearts to the ones we love by writing them these postcards. And I don't just mean on August 8th!

Nearly a year on, I still see the one I sent to my sister sitting on her fridge. It meant that much to her! So i genuinely hope that these cards provide you with the impetus to quickly and easily say a few of the things you may one day wish "you'd never left unsaid". Gypsy Artemis



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