Blue Mountains – Willing Villagers


Harnessing the willingness of villagers to care for one another and build a more connected end of life.


What if end of life planning happened way before the end stages of our lives?

What if our medical providers worked closer with our values and our loved ones to really get to the nitty gritty of end of life planning with us?

What if end of life planning was about who and what matters to us, as well as what is important in terms of our medical care?

What if neighbours and villagers (as they’re known in the Blue Mountains) were supported to activate their own naturally occuring support networks to care for their loved ones, and for the ones left to die with less social connections?

What if our businesses, our community services, our schools, social groups and local government could recognise that death is a natural stage of life, one that has the potential to connect us and deepen our relationship to each other and to the preciousness of life, if we acknowledge it as such and act accordingly?


End of life care is not only the responsibility of doctors, 
nurses and medical institutions, but is a task for the whole community; a task of love and compassion, 
deepened by knowing more about death, dying and bereavement.


This year, with the wisdom and support of the Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network, The GroundSwell Project are working with the Blue Mountains community to ask some of these questions. Knowing that most of the care in the last year of someone’s life occurs within the home, by family, friends and social networks, we can begin to come together to think and act differently about death, dying and loss.

The Blue Mountains Compassionate Communities project is working to identify and build the death literacy in the community, to support primary health practitioners to connect with others in the community doing end of life care and to deepen our knowledge of what’s working and not working in our community. Bringing health providers and community members together with local business and government to have this thoughtful conversation will ignite the communities passion for a more connected end of life, harness that energy collectively and present us with opportunities to do it better.

This activity has been made possible by funding from Nepean Blue Mountains Primary Health Network (NBMPHN). Wentworth Healthcare is the provider of NBMPHN.

Stage 1 of this project is culminating in a whole of community meeting on

Saturday 8th September 2018 3:00pm – 5:30pm.

Join us to bring all the information and passion into one room. The event is being held at JUNCTION 142, 142 Katoomba ST Katoomba.


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