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Kicked the bucket. Croaking it. Pushing-up daisies. Passed over, on, away.

The D-word. 

We have no shortage of names for it, but when faced with death we are often lost for words. Our superstitions and fears about dying, and the discomfort we feel, affect our approach and experiences of the end of life. Here at The GroundSwell Project we reckon it's time for an upgrade on how we go about our dying matters. 

Consider this... 

9 out of 10 people never tell anyone their end-of-life wishes.

45% of people die without a will.

70% of people express a wish to die at home. 14% get to do so. 


What if... we were to create a shift from generalised avoidance to deep engagement and social action? 


Our Purpose is to create a more death literate society, one where people and communities have the practical know-how needed to plan well and respond to dying death and grief.

This means transforming end of life conversations into deep community engagement and social action. 

Who We Are

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The GroundSwell Project is a not for profit organisation known for using innovative arts and health programs to create social and cultural change about death and dying. 

Our aim is to promote resilience and wellbeing in response to end of life issues and to encourage people to build their death literacy. 

Who are we? A committed team of artists, arts practitioners, health professionals, bloggers, film-makers, teachers, nurses, leaders, techy types, playwrights, business professionals, innovators, writers, researchers, story-tellers. 

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Our Work